When it comes to water features, hardscaping, and landscape lighting, only the best workmanship will do. Unlike soft landscaping, these elements should stand the test of time. If they’re installed badly, they can become annoying at best and dangerous at worst. Subpar workmanship can lead to uneven pavers, unsafe fire pits, and ponds that flood underground and undermine foundations. At Lakeshore Aquascape, we have extensive experience with woodworking, masonry, and water feature installation, and our workmanship will last. We’re transparent with our clients, we communicate proactively, and we never charge hidden fees. Explore the possibilities below!


Thanks to our Aquascape certification, we can install ponds of any shape and size. Whether you want a formal pond or you want a natural result that looks like it’s always been there, we will meet and surpass your expectations for a great price.


Fountains look beautiful and sound even better. If you love to hear splashing water or your patio or yard needs a centerpiece, you definitely need a fountain! Our team can install free-standing fountains, fountains within ponds, and anything in between. Basically, anything you dream up, we can do!


Waterfalls come in all different shapes and sizes, and the Lakeshore Aquascape team can make any of them happen for you. We can make a natural tumble of stones or use planters to create a truly special water feature for your property.

Landscape Lights

Enjoying your landscape doesn’t have to be limited to daytime! Let us transform your entire yard into a wonderland that comes to life whenever the sun sets. We’ll customize our designs to your needs and use energy-efficient systems to deliver incredible results.


Hardscaping is foundational to any fantastic yard, and when you choose Lakeshore Aquascape, you can rest assured we’ll set your property up for decades to come. Whether you need a patio, an outdoor kitchen, or a series of steps, give us a call.

Christmas Lights

Decorating your home or property for the holidays can be a long, difficult process, especially if you want to blow everyone away — let us handle it. We’ll safely and carefully install lights and even handle taking them down once the season is over.

It’s never been easier to achieve the stunning landscape you’ve always wanted. Thanks to our skills, attention to detail, and passion for putting client interests first, we can transform your property into an enjoyable treasure without breaking the bank. Contact our landscaping company today to get started.