West Michigan is a wonderful place to live and we aim to make residents’ backyards even more beautiful and enjoyable. All of our ponds, fountains, lighting systems, and beyond are designed with our unique climate in mind, which means we know winter will be intense and summer will be hot! No matter what you need, you can rest assured that all of our work is done with the specific purpose of creating a beautiful look for your yard year after year.

If you’re worried about installing a water feature in a climate that experiences cold, snowy winters, you don’t need to be. All of our water features are installed correctly, with cold climate in mind, and you get to decide if you want to keep them running all year long or not. We can add heating systems to all-year features or help you shut the system down in the fall and start it back up in the spring. When it comes to lighting and hardscapes, we take the time to install each part to withstand everything that Michigan weather can throw at it.

At Lakeshore Aquascape, we’ve curated our outdoor landscaping to make sure we can help you all year long. Our affordable prices, extensive expertise, and commitment to excellence make us your strongest allies when it comes to boosting the value and beauty of your property. Contact us to learn more.