Lakeshore Aquascape designs and installs a variety of hardscape features and brick pavers that enhance the functionality and appearance of your outdoor environment. Harmonizing hardscape features with natural plant life creates an enjoyable atmosphere fit for entertaining or relaxing. Our Hardscape and Brick Paver services are listed below.

Hardscape Services

  • Paver patios, walkways
  • Retaining walls and seat walls
  • Fire Features

We also design and install natural stone hardscape features, such as: boulder walls and accents, natural stone outcroppings, flagstone walkways and patios, and natural stone walls.

Curb Appeal

Adding hardscape to your home or property adds beauty and also an appealing view for visitors or neighbors who pass by. Not only do the hardscape add aesthetics, but they also increase the value of your home. A home with hardscape design, will generally sell more then a home without hardscape.


Hardscape design adds beauty and can enhance the property, but some hardscape items can also protect your home and property. Retention walls help prevent soil from eroding away from natural factors, such as uneven slopes, gravity and the rainy weather we experience from the Michigan weather. These walls can also protect your home from flooding in the event of an unexpected heavy rain fall. Adding hardscape around your plants, trees, bushes or flowers can also protect them from heavy wind and keep them safe when mowing or performing regular maintenance on your property.

Accenting Your Home

By using Lakeshore Aquascape we will choose hardscapes that compliments the key features/materials that you currently have in your home. If you are adding a patio, we will choose materials that accent your home, while adding an appealing look all at the same time. Some other key items we can focus on are walkways, fountains, planters, retention walls and many other items.

Our 3 Step Process for Hardscape Design & Installation

Hardscape projects are often considered “the icing on the cake” of back or front yard projects. Using the right materials and designing features that are level, allow for proper drainage and will withstand the harsh winter temperatures we experience in West Michigan. We follow a very successful and proven three-part plan when designing and installing any hardscape project.

Our process includes the following:

1. Design Consultation

Let’s meet first to discuss your vision, hurdles, questions or simply chat about your overall hardscape project. We want you to be 100% comfortable with our capabilities. We also want to take this opportunity to get to know you.

2. Presentation and Cost

Our next step is to present an initial presentation and cost estimate to you. During the first consultation, we’ll ask you a lot of questions and ensure no stone is unturned. Our primary cost estimate will be detailed, and we’ll be happy to clarify any portion of the project.

3. Contract

After a final project has been approved, we will sign a contract to begin the hardscape project. From design to completion, we will work with you, always being up front and honest – to ensure you are a part of the process. The project will not be marked complete until you are fully satisfied.


Browse through the interactive catalog below by clicking the link. For a full screen view, click the middle of the catalog or download a PDF version.